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Top 9 Cannabis Books On Amazon


Are you a Marijuana lover? Are you having a keen interest in the marijuana cultivation?

Do you consider that you are having a career in the cannabis industry?

Ever felt that you should know more about Cannabis and other products related to it? Didn’t get proper resources to learn?

Today, we are here in front of you with the solutions to all these questions.

There is plenty of information available out there; you need to do some hard work and start learning.

But since we are here for you, you can avoid that hard work because we have done the same for you. We are going to provide you with the top 9 Cannabis books on Amazon.

Please have a look:

Whenever you want to get a definitive guide on the cultivation and consumption of medical marijuana, The Cannabis Encyclopedia will prove out to be the best choice for you.

The Cannabis Encyclopedia is an award-winning book on amazon that lets you know about all the vital approaches needed to grow outdoors, indoors, and greenhouses.

This is a 596 paged book where you will get an exceptional illustration with more than 2k outstanding colorful images.

Want to know more about this book? Head on to this link.

This book is popularly known as “The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible”.

Marijuana Horticulture is one of the most genuine and thorough books that tells you about the exciting and unique ways of marijuana cultivation.

This book contains a total of 512 color pages, having 1120 full-color images and descriptions.

The first edition of “The Indoor Bible” was published way back in the year 1983. And it became so famous that more than half a million copies were printed in multiple languages.

Get more details about the book here.

Here comes another excellent book you will find on amazon that will make your day. The fact is widespread that women use Cannabis to look better, feel better, and sleep better.

But some of them do not know how to intake marijuana for these kinds of purposes. And this book will let you know about the same.

Having 224 pages, A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis will give you knowledge about the healthy components that can be found in Cannabis such as CBD, THC, etc.

Get detailed info on this book here.

Out of the top 9 cannabis books on Amazon, Cannabis Pharmacy is one of the best books for getting a practical guide on Medical Marijuana.

You will get to know the proper use and consumption of Medical Marijuana with extra information on delivery, varieties, treatable conditions, dosing, etc.

There are very few books that accurately explain the working of Cannabis on the human body. This book is one of them.

Any time you want to know how to prepare yourself for marijuana consumption, or how to control the dosage, or even about the modification, this book will be more than enough for you.

Know more about it here.

After the legalization of Cannabis in more than 30 states, the consumption and production of Cannabis have crossed the limits.

In this book, you will get the actual science behind the use of marijuana for both regular consumption and medical use.

This book has 400 pages, and it will clear some of these points of yours:

  • The decision of the proper use of Cannabis
  • Management of aches and pains
  • Navigating the authentic requirements of Cannabis

Get more information about this book by clicking here.

Marijuana is considered to be a controversial plant due to the reason that it has excellent healing properties, but it is a kind of drug too.

And in The Cannabis Manifesto, the author has tried to show the same controversial relationship of a human being with the Cannabis.

The author of this book is Steve DeAngelo, the founder of the world’s biggest medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center. 

This 230 pages book answers all the essential questions related to the marijuana species required for a general consumer to know.

Please get to know more about it here.

Known to be one of the best weeb bibles among the best cannabis books on Amazon, Green is a must-read book for the new generation who are more curious about pot smoking.

This is an essential, smart, beautiful, and practical guide to Cannabis that provides an eye-popping package.

This 408 paged book is an addiction if you start reading it once because there are so many wow elements in this book that will leave you amazed.

Know more about this book by clicking here.

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Ever wondered “how” and “why” medical Cannabis helps treat various illnesses of the human body? Want to know the answer to these questions?

This book will provide you with the same.

Many people keep on consuming Cannabis, but they do not know how Cannabis works inside the human body.

This book provides you with precise information that contains multiple scientists’ interview about the use and effects of marijuana on our bodies.

Get to know more about this book on this link.

Here comes the last book on the list of top 9 cannabis books on Amazon. This book is a very famous and outstanding book, which is an essential guide to a different world of Cannabis.

In this book, from hippies to Herodotus, you will get to know the original culture, the origin, and the history of Cannabis.

This book also covers the essentials of cultivating, cooking, and using the weed to benefit humankind.

Want to get more about this book? Click here.

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In a nutshell

So, these were the top 9 cannabis books on amazon that will provide you with the most accurate and exciting information.

We hope you enjoyed the information and the diversity of all these books. Pick any one of them, and enjoy your day!

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