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What do the colors on toothpaste mean?


Taking care of our teeth is very important. While purchasing the toothpaste, people go through the ingredients, the expiry date, and the health benefits of a particular toothpaste.

Whitening! Anticavity! Fresh Breath!.

There are some of the common phrases that might be seen in any of the toothpaste but along with these phrases, toothpaste also contains a colour code at the bottom of the toothpaste tubes about which most of the people might not be aware of.

Have you ever noticed the colour code that is displayed in most of the toothpaste?

The colour code in the pack of the toothpaste is one of the most confusing things that might appear while buying a toothpaste.

Are you in a habit of noticing the colour code while purchasing any of the products from the market apart from the toothpaste?

Actually, the colour codes can be seen on most of the products. One of the most popular myths about the colour code of the toothpaste is that it is used to identify the making of a particular product.

Many of the popular news sites are also involved in spreading such types of myths which is the main reason behind the people getting the wrong information.

What the toothpaste colour codes apparently mean

The fake rumour regarding the colour code of the toothpaste is being spread by some of the fake consumer tips.

As according to these fake tips, people should pay attention at the bottom of your toothpaste which is just opposite to the opening cap which contains a small coloured square which provides the information about the ingredients that is contained by a particular toothpaste which is not actually correct.

According to the rumours:

  • Green coloured square box indicates that the ingredients used in the toothpaste are completely natural.
  • Blue coloured square box indicates that the ingredients used in the toothpaste are natural with some of the medicinal components mixed in it.
  • Red coloured square box indicates that the ingredients used in the toothpaste are natural with some of the chemical components mixed in it.
  • Black coloured square box indicates that the ingredients used in the toothpaste contains the complete chemical composition and does not contain any natural ingredient.

The facts

Unsurprisingly, the myth about the colour code on the internet is totally wrong.

The colour squares on the bottom of the toothpaste tube have nothing to do with the ingredients contained by the toothpaste. In fact, it does not have any connection with the toothpaste. It is just an eye marks which are used while manufacturing of the product.

These square boxes simply represent the position which is to be folded, cut or sealed which is read by the light beam sensors which allow the machine to do the respective function. In spite of the green, blue red, and black colour, these products can come with a different colour in the packing based on the sensors and machines. All the colours exactly mean the same thing.

The colour code in the toothpaste is not true and the buyer must not pay attention to these colour codes while buying the product. It just indicates the sensor about the packaging which is to be bent, cut or crimped at the time of manufacturing which a machine can read easily.

It is also proven by one of the most famous toothpaste brand Colgate about these color codes that “ the coloured squares are just used as a marks that help the light sensor to detect the end side of the tube so that the machine which is used to prepare the tubes might be aware of the position where to cut or seal them.”

How Can You Tell What’s in Your Toothpaste?

If you really want to know that what you’re about to brush your teeth with, instead of these blue or green boxes, you must concentrate on the ingredients in the toothpaste. Checking the ingredients is one of the easiest and most effective to know about your toothpaste. This information is generally printed on the packaging, on the tube or on the box.

According to scientific research, most of the toothpaste comes with some of the common ingredients like humectant to prevent hardening of the toothpaste after opening it, solid abrasive for removing food debris and it also helps in the polishing of teeth, flavouring agent, like spearmint, peppermint, anise, bubblegum, or cinnamon. Toothpaste also contains fluoride that helps in the prevention of tooth decay and it also prevents cavities and strengthens the enamel.

Along with the above ingredients, some toothpaste also contains some of the special ingredients like whitening toothpaste for stain removal, toothpaste which are suitable for sensitive teeth, fluoride-free toothpaste, and many more.

If you are still worried about the ingredients that are used in your toothpaste, you can select a toothpaste which contains the Seal of Acceptance by an Americal Dental Association(ADA).

This seal means that the toothpaste has been tested by scientists and it is proven to safe for your teeth.

In a Nutshell

In the above article, we have told you about the myth about the colour codes on the toothpaste and the real fact about them. So, there is nothing to be frightened or alarmed about the different colour codes in the toothpaste because these are just eye marks used for the sake of manufacturing machines and nothing else.

All of the thing that the buyer must care of, is the ingredients used in the manufacturing of teeth and the special ingredients that must be suitable according to an individual’s teeth. You can go through the Seal of Acceptance by ADA which is considered as tested toothpaste and safe for use.

At last, we must tell you that you must not believe in the myths and the rumours about the colour codes that are being spread by the social media or many famous news sites and you should only believe on the news that is given by the manufacturers and which is scientifically proven.

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