Heavy Hitters Vape Review

Heavy Hitters Vape Review


Looking for a heavy hitters vape review? No need to wait for more.

We have come up to you with this genuine heavy hitters vape review that will give you an idea about this incredible product.

Being one of the most original among the reputed companies of cannabis distillate, Heavy Hitters is a branded high-end vape cartridge. California is known to be the birthplace of Heavy Hitters.

You can get Heavy Hitters in the sale at California. However, one cannot find it outside California.

You know, how can you differentiate between the fake products?

In case, if you see any cart outside California with the logo of Heavy Hitters, most probably, that is a fake one.

There are carts inside the Heavy Hitters that are filled with high-potency CBD or THC oil. These oils cannot be blended, mixed, or even cut with anything.

Doesn’t it sound like an immortal product?

Moreover, the brand also claims that the carts inside the product are 100% CBD or THC oil. There are no other elements or impurities added such as PG, MCT, etc.

You must be wondering where are these products used?

Let us have a look at this amazing heavy hitters vape review:

What is the use of such products?

There are numerous people in this world that want to enjoy the outstanding effects of cannabis. However, they do not even want to smoke it as well.

If you have ever consumed cannabis, you must be aware of the enjoyment and relief provided by cannabis.

But is it worth to tear up your lungs with bongs and blunts? Back in the time, people used to consume cannabis as edibles.

But now, these consumptions could upset your stomach as well.

Then, what is the solution?

This is the time when Heavy Hitters come into the play. This is one of the latest technologies in the industry of cannabis.

This heavy hitters vape review will help you to know everything about this product.

One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis in the modern world is considered to be through the help of disposable cannabis oil cartridges.

Heavy Hitter is such a disposable oil cartridge that is connected to a reusable standard 510 connection battery “pen”. Heavy Hitter cartridge comes pre-filled with .5/1g of oil.

An internal heating element generally known as a coil heats the oil. The main aim is to produce a light vapor void. These vapors are produced from the harmful chemicals of smoke only.

Some features of the Vape

In this heavy hitters vape review, let us have a look at some of the exciting features of the vape:

The vape produces a noticeable and immediate effect.

Driving into anything is not a piece of advice we would like to give you all. We recommend you NOT TO DRIVE ON with this vape. Anything beyond the limit turns out to be a curse.

1 or 2 puffs of this vape are enough.

If you are a consumer with low tolerance, one or maximum two puffs are enough for you. You do not need to go after one hour of continuous vape.

This product is very much capable of providing you with a satisfying effect after its first puff only.

Heavy Hitter Vape provides an extraordinary flavour.

The vape is pretty flavourful that will provide you with an amazing taste. However, we recommend you not to drive into the vape after its taste.

There are many times when people seem to like something and in order to get enjoyment, they generally cross the limits.

The reason why Heavy Hitters provides its consumers with such a fantastic taste is that the content of its cartridges does not contain any heavy solvent taste as compared to the other vapes.

The vape is a long-lasting product.

Once you start using the product, a single cartridge can be used for more than a week.

And still, you would think that there is a ton of material left with you.

Heavy Hitters can produce an enormous cloud.

The product is very much capable of forming a reasonable enough sized cloud.

The primary reason behind these clouds is the 4.0 Volt coil of Heavy Hitters that won’t be found in major other products.

Note: Recommended product for tobacco lovers: IQOS DUO USA

Pros and Cons of Heavy Hitters

Every coin has two faces. Similarly, there is no such thing in this world that has advantages, but it does not have any disadvantages.

Let us have a look at some of the pros as well as the cons of using Heavy Hitters:


  • Contaminant-Free
  • An amazing taste
  • High Potency Wax
  • The life of cartridge is very long, even after a heavy usage
  • Packaging


  • The voltage of the coil is low due to which numerous compatibility issues may occur.
  • Pen electronics

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Some commonly asked FAQs

After reading the entire blog, there might be numerous questions arisen in your mind. Here are some of the FAQs answered by our experts.

We hope these answers could help you out in any way!!

Please have a look:

Where can I buy Heavy Hitter carts?

As mentioned on the website as well, Heavy Hitter carts are only available in California only. The carts are not shipped to any other state.

Moreover, the company sells the carts to those dispensaries only that are licensed as well as authorized.

You can also check our recommended CBD vape oil.

How to use a Heavy Hitter cartridge?

Most of the pre-filled cartridges of Heavy Hitters are 510-threaded. Thus, being a consumer, you could attach the cartridge with any similarly-threaded 510 battery.

How to recharge a disposable Heavy Hitter cartridge?

Disposable Heavy Hitter cartridges are never meant to be recharged.

Moreover, the Heavy Hitter does not even sell carts and batteries that are pre-filled. They only provide cartridges.

After buying, you need to connect them to any corresponding cell.

How to spot a fake cartridge of Heavy Hitter?

Heavy Hitter keeps on changing the logo placement and packaging. So, checking the package to know the reality is not enough.

However, if you even found the product outside California or you bought it from such a store that has not been listed on the map of legalized sellers, the cart is a fake one, for sure.

In a nutshell

So, here is a genuine heavy hitters vape review. If you were looking for such a review, we think that this blog would definitely help you out.

Apart from the general details of the vape, we have also mentioned some of the frequently asked questions that would help you to use the vape in an efficient manner.

If you have any other information regarding the vape or any questions in your mind, feel free to share your views in the comment sections.

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