Medical Billing Companies in India

Best Medical Billing Companies in India


Medical Billing is one of the major activities in the healthcare industry which helps them to sustain long term presence in the market.

In this list, we are going to list some of the best medical billing companies in India.

Healthcare providers in the USA, Canada, and other developed companies depends upon Indian medical billing companies because of highly professional experts and reasonable price.

Here are some of the best medical billing companies in India:

1. Knack Global

Knack GlobalKnack Global is one of the fastest-growing medical billing companies in India. It was started in 2007 and currently, they have more than 2000 clients. After the acquisition of Statcred now they have offices at 4 different locations in the USA and 2 offices in India.

Knack Global provides all revenue cycle management services and they are specialized in medical billing for physicians and DME Medical billing. Being in the developing cities of India(Chandigarh and Jaipur) they provide services at 10% – 20% less price than others.

2. Omega Healthcare

Omega Healthcare

Founders of Omega healthcare have clearly observed the lack of support for medical billing companies and healthcare payment systems. Combining their domain expertise with their business knowledge they have started omega healthcare in the year 2000.

Omega offers all processes related to revenue cycle management. They are mainly focusing on the fast settlement of claims which increases the cash flow.

Omega Healthcare is located in Boca Raton, FL and has business centers in Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai.

3. Access Healthcare

Access HealthcareAccess Healthcare was started in 2011 becomes one of the largest medical billing companies in India after acquiring Pacific BPO.
Everest Group recognized them as a Leader in its report “Healthcare Provider BPO – Service Provider Landscape with Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2017.
With 70+ Customers they support 300,000 physicians. They have 18 services centers across the USA and India. More than 12,000 associates and 1000+ medical coders workes with Access healthcare.

4. Medusind Solution

Medusind SolutionFounded in 2002 Medusind Solution is providing onshore as well as offshore services. They provide all kinds of revenue cycle management services such as medical coding, coding analytics, healthcare billing, etc.
With 3000+ associated they are providing services to 9,000+ healthcare providers.
They are operating from various locations such as Los Angeles, Orlando, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Miami, Newark, Roanoke in USA and Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore in India.

5. Outsource2India


It’s one of the major medical billing companies in India. Outsource2India provides over 15 different kinds of outsourcing services and medical billing is one of their specialties.
They have started operations in 1999 and have business centers in different countries like India, Colombia, the Philippines, Bolivia.


You can select the best service provider from the above list. Having a professional medical billing company by your side can ensure you save money and time which you can devote towards patient care.

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