Effects of Stress

Psychological Effects of Stress on a Person: These are the Long Term Effects of Stress


Effects of Stress is a stubborn evil that is hard to get away with. For we humans have become virtual competitions of each other we have opened the doors for stress by ourselves.

Stress at school, stress at college, the stress in personal life, stressed relationships, stress at office and stress everywhere. Stress has become a metaphor for life and another way around. Like chewing, gum stress refuses to be cleared and incessantly it keeps hampering us both mentally and physically.

Employees in India cite stress as the leading risk to lifestyles. A study by Nielsen reveals that women in India are the most stressed in the world.

Around 87% of women in India are facing the stress of high orders and 82% stressed women stated in this survey that they have no time to relax.

This survey covered around 7 thousand women from 21 developed and developing nations. In accordance with the American Institute of Stress 80% of employees feel stressed at jobs and more than half the sample space needs assistance or learning for managing success.

The World Health Organization says that not even 25% of those who have depression or stress have access to suitable treatments. Clearly, stress has become a virtual overcast to the world.

Women, in particular, are very susceptible to stress and leave them with the severe first order and second-order effects. Women can be adversely impacted by stress and its consequences.

Here’s how you can develop major health issues if they do not find pertinent solutions to their stress.

Hearts at risk

Stress has a direct impact on the functioning of the heart. Women who have high or medium-level stress in their lives are very vulnerable to heart attacks or strokes.

Statistically speaking more than 40% of women who are stressed live with the risks of heart attacks or strokes! Four in every 10 stressed women can have heart attacks or heart strokes.

Cardiovascular diseases and hypertension find soft targets in people who dwell under the influence of stress. Heart diseases are the primary reason for deaths among women in the United States of America.

Hair loss

Paramount stress emotionally and psychological can lead to severe imbalances among women. These psychological imbalances can lead to hair loss.

Hair loss is an evident indicator of stress. This is an ugly turn that can also lead to baldness.


Being under the influence of mammoth stress for longer durations can lead to indigestion in women. The stomach tissues get weak and acids in the stomach increase manifold. It can even lead to ulcers at an exaggerated stage.


Insomnia is a very common effect inflicted by stress. One is unable to sleep the entire night as one fights constant anxiety, headaches, irritation and thoughts that are born out of stress.

As a second-order affect the brain and the physical health are badly hampered by insomnia as the brain cells are regenerated while one is asleep and if one stays without sleep for long it would obviously impact the functioning of the brain and the stability of the body.


As an effect of stress, the cortisol increases excessively. This leads to large acne breakout and other problems of the skin. Eczema and psoriasis are also inflicted on the skin as an effect of prolonged stress.

Weight Gain

As the cortisol increases in the body, it leads to a deposit of fat around the belly. Hence weight gain in abrupt manners is an indicator of paramount stress.

When one is subjected to prolonged stress of high-order the metabolism of the body is largely hampered hence the weight gain occurs.

Irregular Periods

A severe hormonal imbalance is set up in the body when one carries prolonged stress inside. This hormonal imbalance has repercussions on the menstrual cycle causing missed, delayed or irregular periods.


Stresses in women also lead to excessive dryness in the mouth. A prolonged and untreated stress stint can also lead to ulcers of the mouth among women.

Muscle Pains

Stress can also lead to severe muscle pains. Lowe back pains, neck aches, shoulder pains, and musculoskeletal pains are the most common forms of pains triggered by stress and if stress is not taken care of these pains only turn exhilarating with each passing day.

Receded sex life

Libido is the sexual appetite that one has. When stresses prevail for long the libido gets receded as an effect of stress. Hence due to stress the sexual life or sexual desire in women is largely affected.

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