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Reasons You Should Grow Hemp


Why are people asking to grow hemp?

We have witnessed a huge demand for hemp in the past 2 years in the United States of America, with the increasing demand a lot of research is also taking place on how hemp can be utilized.

From less than 10,000 acres grown per year, we have reached more than 27,000 acres being grown every year.

The discovery of the amazing benefits of hemp seeds, hemp flowers, and other hemp products has led to a great demand for hemp products.

Also, new varieties and better hemp seeds are being introduced with better potency and efficacy.

Also, Florida hemp seeds have remarkably good quality seeds and have a wide variety of seeds in different ranges. is a place where you will get high-quality hemp seeds and CBD seeds.

Also, you will get hemp seedlings that make growing hemp more convenient and easy to grow as the process of germination is eliminated

Also, you can find high-quality hemp flowers at good prices.

Hemp seeds are in huge demand these days. With increased demand, a high variety of seeds have been introduced and are now available in the market.

But before going that much deep into it we shall first know a little more about hemp.

What is hemp?

hempMajorly two types of varieties are obtained from the plant Cannabis sativa.

First is hemp itself and the second is marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana both are not the same. Although their shape structure and active components resemble each other.

The only difference between them is the concentration of both the active elements that are THC and CBD

The difference in concentration of both these elements is responsible for different properties each of them persists.

Hemp is a fibre which was introduced 50,000 years ago. Now it is being used in industry for the generation of paper, clothing, biodegradable plastic bags, paint, fuel, and whatnot.

Why should you grow hemp?

Hemp is essential for sustainable development.

It is a cash crop as so many items can be made from a single crop.

Farmers choose to grow hemp nowadays as the profit is way more than expenditure. Also, its maintenance is low and requires less fertilizers and other essential elements, and not much water is required for irrigation.

Hence, very low-cost hemp can be easily grown.

Moreover, large quality of hemp can be grown in a comparatively lesser area.

So ultimately we can say that hemp is a future crop.

This graph shows an increase in  hemp growth and sales in the past few years :

hemp growth stats

A greater increase in hemp production had been noticed from the year 2014 to the year 2018.

And much more increase in production is being expected until the year 2022.

Benefits of hemp:

●    Hemp for good heart health

Consumption of hemp seed can reduce the risk of heart disease.

The reason for that is hemp seeds ultimately produce nitric oxide which acts as a blood vessel dilator and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Hemp reduces the risk of inflammation and also reduces the risk of clot formation in the heart.

It maintains blood pressure by lowering blood pressure in patients suffering from high blood pressure.

It also aids in recovering from previous heart attacks experienced by the patient.

●    Hemp as a great source of protein

Hemp contains a huge amount of plant based protein. Those who do not prefer eating meat or chicken to satisfy the needs of protein in their body can try hemp seeds.

Only a single teaspoon of hemp seeds can provide more than 4 grams of protein.

It is believed that the protein extracted from hemp seeds is better than that obtained from other species of nuts and legumes.

●    Hemp aids in menstruation

Consumption of hemp seeds by women during premenstrual syndrome (PMS)  or menstruation reduced cramps and mood swings.

●    Hemp is good for skin

Hemp or hemp seed oil was found to be exceptionally good for the skin.

Hemp seed oil was also used in the treatment of eczema and other skin related disorders.

It helps in relieving the dryness of skin and reduces inflammation and itching.

Moreover, the need for consumption of medication was reduced after the application of hemp seed oil.

●    Hemp helps in treating digestion problems

Doctors suggest that the consumption of hemp strengthens the immune system.

As we know that hemp is a fibre and so it is used for better digestion and excretion. Hence it keeps your gut healthy.

Hemp for pets:

Pets that were given hemp showed to have better skin, and healthier fur.

It was used to provide better nutrition and protein to pets.

You might not be knowing but the pet food that we purchase from the market is devoid of the essential nutrition that your pet needs.

Studies showed that the pets that were fed hemp seeds had a stronger gut and stronger build as compared to those who consumed marketed processed foods.

Veterans also suggest feeding pets with hemp seeds and applying hemp oil.

Things you should know before growing hemp :

●     Need of licence

You might be aware that hemp production was not legalized earlier.

It is now legalized but for that, you should have an authorized licence that will allow you to grow hemp on your land.

For licence you can be asked to show your previous criminal records and later there will be some paperwork.

●    Quality check

Your production should have lesser amounts of THC.

I must tell you that THC  is an active constituent of hemp that is responsible for depressing CNS.

Keeping in mind that maintaining the THC level is quite difficult.

Note: If you want to grow hemp is a controlled environment then you must by a Growshop.


Hemp production is still banned in many countries but with the discovery of its exceptional benefits, it is nowadays being widely used in the United States of America.

Many doctors recommend hemp to patients because of its exceptional benefits.

The myth of considering hemp as marijuana is responsible for its restricted use.

But eventually, it was found that hemp is much safer and can be administered easily.

We hope that you liked our article on generation, benefits, usage, and most importantly the reasons you should grow hemp and its products.

Do share your reviews on the above-mentioned article.

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