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15 Ways To Remove Sun Tan Naturally At Home


With the advent of sun tan naturally summers comes the apprehension of losing the glow of the skin to tanning. This fear comes even stronger as summers are expected to break all records of mercury.

The Indian Meteorological Department has clearly stated that summers will be harsh and even the moderate climate zones would not be able to escape the wrath of the heat wave.

The sun is all set to make you hide and sweat and more importantly assault on the beauty of your skin! Summers along with longer days, mangoes, ice-creams and all other goodness also brings about a summer tan!

Hence, we as your well-wishers, bring about 15 ways to remove Sun Tan naturally at home this summer!

Lemon is not only a refresher in summers but also acts as a natural tan remover! A slice of lemon when rubber on tanned area helps in tan removal and makes your skin glow! To some the direct application of lemon might be stinging hence they can use it with glycerine.

Aloe Vera

Another simple and direct remedy is the wonder plant aloe vera. Simply rubbing the inner sticky gel-like substance on your skin enriches it with vitamin E and chases the tan away!

A concoction of gram flour, yogurt, and turmeric

The remedy that tops our “granny’s homemade remedies list” is a concoction of gram flour, yogurt, and turmeric. This magnificent concoction works wonders on tan affected areas and its regular usage also helps in improving skin quality.

Juice of Cucumber

As summers commence, so do cucumbers. What better use could cucumbers be put to, in summers? The juice of cucumber cools the skin and helps in tan removal as well. Besides this, it also adds vitamin C to the skin.

With Fruits

Fruits are a part and parcel of summers. When papayas become over-ripe lying around in the house, worry not. All you need to do is, slice then, mash then, add a dash of honey and apply them on the tan affected areas. Lo and behold, the tan is gone!

A mixture of strawberries and milk cream

If you want to go a little overboard and fancy, another thing you could try is a mixture of strawberries and milk cream. Milk cream nourishes the skin and together with strawberry, fights the toughest of tans!

Vicks Vaporub

Another bizarre yet effective solution for tan removal and sunburn, in particular, is the application of Vicks Vaporub! Oh yes, we are not kidding! In most of the cases, it has shown excellent results.

Turmeric and Milk

Another ancient concoction, not only cures bad throat but bad sunburnt skin as well! The goodness of milk moisturizes the skin and turmeric add that extra skin-nourishing and repairing properties!


Oatmeal commonly features in weight loss articles. However, little do people know about its benefits on skin! It helps in clearing pores and is very useful to fight skin tan.

Coconut water

Coconut water houses a plethora of skin healing properties. A coconut is a powerhouse of goodness! When mixed with sandalwood powder, this mixture turns into an effective tan removal remedy


An evergreen, cheap vegetable and now a tan remover as well! Simply peel potatoes and rub them on your skin directly to remove dark patches and pigmentation. In case you’re not the lazy one, boiling and mashing potatoes and then applying it as a face pack also works in a wondrous manner!


In an extreme case of skin burn and skin tan, rubbing some ice-cubes on the skin can help ease the itchiness, rashes and also other problems related to skin tan!

Dry orange peels

If you’re ready to go overboard to have flawless skin, this is the perfect solution for you! Dry orange peels, powder then, mix them with lemon juice and a dash of curd. Apply this mixture on your skin as a face pack and witness the magic!

In the end, we should always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Hence, if we manage to outdo the tan by prevention, there will be no need to go ahead and cure the tan!

So, always carry an umbrella when you go out in the sun, wear suitable sun-block cream and also try to cover most of your face by wearing large sunglasses—they look trendy and act as a barrier against the sun.

Lastly, summers are here, drink lots of water! Water is the universal remedy to all problems! Water helps in the development of melanin and other tissues and keeps skin healthy in general! With this, you are fully equipped to “face” this summer with confidence!

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