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Skin Whitening Product Should Be Banned In INDIA? Do You Agree?


Skin Whitening Product Obsession towards fair and lighter skin is laying in India since ancient times but it took an awful note since British rule in India. We Indians live in a Racist India Society where the fairness of skin is allied with being smart and intelligent. The severity of this concern can be comprehended by the troubles and psychological annoyance faced by various Indian girls during their employment breaks and matrimonial proposals. Moreover, in some cases, men also face these problems. About 90% of people in India desire to have a fairer and beautiful life partner.

This stereotype thinking has aggravated the fairness cream industries to further prompt the subject and make the topic more appalling. Since these fairness products such as Fair and Lovely are visibly creating a detrimental gap amid the lighter skin and the darker skin. These Skin Whitening Products are encouraging racism and inequities as well as they are affecting people psychologically by using offensive terms such as ugly for darker skin peoples. Ads for these products are portraying fairness as a key to gain confidence and success which adversely destroying the self-confidence of darker skin persons.

Our famous celebrities such as Shah Rukh Khan, Yami Gautam, Shahid Kapoor and much more are also inadvertently encouraging Dark Complexion Racism by endorsing these beauty products. As we know these celebrities have a huge fan following and every fan desire to be like his/her idol. This love and faith towards these popular celebrities lead people to buy these fairness products to be like their idols. As a result, people prefer to have fairer skin because these Skin Whitening Product ads have changed the mindsets of peoples; fair skin is measured as a positive feature now a day. The young generation is especially influenced towards these fairness products they do anything to buy these creams as they desire to be famous among friends and family where there is a social pressure to be fairer to achieve success.

To fight against this Racism in India created by these fairness products several steps are taken by some social activists and celebrities. The leading examples are activists like actor and director Nandita Das, who has initiated social activities against the creators of these Skin Whiting Products that transmit dirty messages of racism.

Nandita recently started ‘Dark is Beautiful’ movement to observe prettiness beyond color. As she believes that like any other societal subject, this matter also entails additional understanding and the accepted involvement of the public. Apart from this, Ram Subramanian a film director published a video on Facebook on 27th March 2017 regarding the demand to ban such skin whitening products that are increasing Dark complexion Racism.

This is a fight against racism that has been inflamed in the past few years, especially through these beauty products that need to be stopped because to achieve success in life intelligence and talent are required, not white skin.

In the end, if we crave to end Racism in India we should stop influencing these Skin Whitening Products since these products not only promote racism and discrimination. They also exploit insecurity, poor self-confidence and a sense of failure amongst darker skin people.

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