Best Songs to Smoke to

Best Songs to Smoke to

So, you have just smoked some weed and now all you want is to lay down onto the couch, close your eyes and listen to some amazing music.
In such situations, people like to hear those songs that make them feel above the clouds.
So, buy bong for yourself and get comfortable because we have come up to you with the top and 9 best songs to smoke to.
You might have heard some of these songs and you are going to fall in love with some of them.
Without further discussions, let us jump straight to the best and amazing smoke songs:

Best songs to Smoke to:

Every person has a different taste in music. It is possible that you love to hear such songs after being high that most of the people do not even like.
And due to these reasons only, we are going to list the songs of multiple genres.


When looking for a song to listen to when being high, Tadow is a great song to start with. That is the reason why it is on the first of all the best songs to smoke to.
FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) and Masego collaborated together and came up with an amazing experimental JAZZ known as TADOW.
The official release of the song was in 2017. Apart from Jazz, Tadow is also an explicit combination of Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul.
Tadow is one of those songs that will leave a beautiful smile on your face and you will end up singing this song again and again.

Living In The Future: DAWES

Dawes is one of the most famous bands from Los Angeles. “Living in the future” is one of the tracks of their album, “Passwords”.
The track is a complete representation of the band along with a perfect mixture of digital and analog.
No matter whether you just want to chill out or you have a rocking mood, you can listen to this track forever.
One more that is visible in the song is “the concept of living in the future” according to Dawes.

Purple Haze: Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze, known to be one of the greatest and best songs to smoke to, is written by Jimi Hendrix. It was released in the way back 1967.
And still, the craze of the track is at the top. The moment when the song was released, it became one of the biggest hits of Jimi Hendrix.
You can listen to this song while being high. Most of the people think that Purple Haze is meant for psychedelic use.
However, we would like to tell you that it is actually a love song.

One Love/People Get Ready: Bob Marley

If you are a stoner and a music lover as well, then it is impossible that you haven’t heard the songs of Bob Marley (famously known as the ganja grandfather). 
Bob Marley has given some of the best songs to smoke to, to the psychedelic market.
One Love/People Get Ready is one of the great songs of Bob Marley that was released in 1977.
The song is an incredible representation of love that will leave you with a happy and light feeling inside.
One Love/People Get Ready is such a track that will motivate you to change the world.

Do You Realize: The Flaming Lips

The flaming lips are known to be one of the most famous psychedelic rock groups. These people are ruling the psychedelic market since the 1980s.
In the year 2002, they released the song “Do you realize” under an album called “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”.
Once you listen to this song after getting high, you will start finding that inner child inside you that has been hidden for a long period of time.
And you will get to know the reason why this song made to be in the list of the top and best songs to smoke to.
Moreover, the song itself is all about recognizing the curiosity and inner child of an adult.


COMFORTABLY NUMB is one of the epic psychedelic rock and best songs to smoke to, by Pink Floyd.
No matter whatever you feel, whatever mood you are having, this song will cheer you up in each and every situation.
The track was released in the year 1979 under the album “The Wall”.
We personally recommend that listening to Pink Floyd is the best thing after getting high.
However, we could not put all of their songs on the list to ensure the different varieties.


Strawberry Fields Forever, a classic track of the Magical Mystery Tour album of “The Beatles” was released in 1967.
This is one of those tracks that sound incredible while being or getting high.
The legendary singer, John Lennon, has sung and written this song. He describes this track as one of his greatest achievements under The Beatles.
The track describes the childhood of John Lennon along with the view of an adult according to John.
The song will pull you into the deep thoughts and it will give you a long-lasting psychedelic feel.

Notion: Tash Sultana

Tash Sultana is an Australian alternative rock artist and Notion is one of her very famous single tracks.
The song was released in the year 2016 and it reached unbelievable heights.
The track was recorded live from the bedroom of Tash Sultana.
The song has haunting vocals and the guitar seems to be screaming, that will definitely stay into your mind for a long period of time.


Tame Impala is another popular psychedelic rock band that has provided the stoners with some of the most amazing tracks of all time.
The band seems to be a composition of John Lennon’s voice with Pink Floyd. However, it is not!!
As we told, the band has released tons of songs that could be listened to while getting high. Besides, “Yes I’m Changing” is considered to be one of their best releases.
The track will make you feel that people are always changing and it necessary to accept the sorrow and pain of the past.
If you are looking for such songs that have the deepest meaning, that will put you into a deep imagination, this song is one of them.

In a nutshell

So, these were the top 9 and best songs to smoke to, that could be listened to while being high.
We hope that you liked the above tracks.
We are always open to any kind of suggestion or appreciation.
You can contact us anytime through the comments section.
What are you waiting for now? Go, grab a joint, search the track, and enjoy the moment.

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