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As well-establish as it is that the Cannabis industry is thriving in the current market scenario. The Cannabis industry has shown a quite dynamic hike in the last few decades.

The cannabis products are so much in demand due to the various utility purpose that the product has.

The medicinal value of Cannabis is elite so much that thousands of dispensaries have now started to sell pharmaceutical graded cannabis at different prices.

In today’s era where everything is as far as a simple click, cannabis services have also taken a leap.

Yes, you heard that right!

Cannabis is now just a click away like all other products.

However, few things must be known to all readers of this digital piece, which offers some irrefutable facts on cannabis for beginners.

  • 33 states have already legalized medical cannabis usage in the US.
  • 10 states have legalized the recreational usage of cannabis.
  • More than half of adults of the US have tried cannabis at least once in their life.
  • Cannabis is also considered as an exit drug, which eliminates the addiction tendency of other harmful drugs
  • Cannabis contains THC, a chemical component that gives you the feeling of “High”, is a psychoactive and mind-altering substance.

This complex task of providing cannabis at doorsteps has been made possible by ‘Stoney app’.

Let’s get down to business and explore this amazing app-

Who are we and what do we sell?

What Stoney app devoted to producing a premiere cannabis encounter where everyone is at home, from the aficionado to the curious, making cannabis conveniently accessible for those who need and require it.

If you are somebody who is a veteran cannabis connoisseur, you can effortlessly pick from our extensive collection of eminent products namely concentrates, vapes, edibles, and pre-rollsand.

If you are somebody who is new to the world of cannabis then also there is nothing to worry about, all you need to do is explore a little and make up your mind, and then you’ll be all set to the perfect answer to your wants and needs.

At Stoney app, one and all are welcomed with open arms and warm hearts.

Is the Cannabis we sell a 100 percent safe?

marijuana researchBig fat and absolute YES!

Above everything else we make sure that the cannabis and its products sold by us are completely safe for consumption to be it concentrates vapes, edibles, and pre-rolls.

In fact, not only safe, we make sure that cannabis is dependable and available to those who crave and need it.

What Services do we provide?

Here at the Stoney app, we’ve mastered the art of delivering happiness as quickly as possible.

In short, we are known to be the single most efficient cannabis delivery service within the country. The delivery services that we provide are not only time saving but also affordable.


Stoney app provides its customers with the facility of one day delivery for the areas of Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Imagine placing your order today and getting it at your doorsteps tomorrow. This is another level of high that one can experience using the Stoney app delivery

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How do I place an order for a one-day delivery?

  1. The first criteria to be eligible for one – day delivery is your location. You are most likely to end up with one day deliver if you are putting up in Los Angeles County and Orange County.
  2. The second criteria are the time of placing an order. In order to avail for a one-day delivery, you must place the order at or before 7 pm.

What are other Benefits of getting cannabis from the Stoney App Delivery?

  • Online ID Card Applications

An online ID card application is nowadays needed by almost all medical marijuana delivery services.

This is done so that the buyer can have a sense of convenience in contrast with the past years when buying medical marijuana was a hassle.


Stoney app allows the consumers of medical marijuana to conveniently apply for the ID card online.

For this, all you need to do is click on this link and fill out the required fields.

This application filed by the consumer is a review within a time frame of 20 minutes stat. and if approved the buyer can place the order.

  • Privacy

We may say that the social stigma about marijuana or cannabis no longer prevails but there is still some fraction of the population that has not yet changed.

This leads to consumers being uncomfortable to visit stores or dispensaries.

For those of you who hesitate to make purchases from the dispensaries, the Stoney app is the right platform for you.

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How Discrete is Stoney App?

Stoney app delivery services are so discrete that they have a 100 percent HIPPA policy sign in process which ensures that the privacy of the order is totally discrete and violation of which is considered to be a felony.

Apart from this, their delivery services make use of unmarked delivery vehicles.


  1. One of the most surreal benefits of using the Stoney app is the profound convenience that the app has to offer. The Stoney app is the personification of the word convenience when it comes to delivery services. The more most convenient is the provision of not stepping out of the house to order cannabis or related products like concentrates, vapes, edibles, CBD joints, and pre-rolls.
  2. Furthermore, the useful option of live chat is an all-time availability on the website. The option of live chat can be opted by clicking on this link

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Health benefits

As surprising as it sounds, the Stoney app enables easy procurement of the medical purpose marijuana for the individuals who are suffering from certain medical conditions due to which the patients cannot drive or walk.

It saves the patient from the hassle of depending upon their friends or family to get medical marijuana.

All that is needed to be done by these patients is to fill out their details and get a medical ID issued within 20 minutes after which they can choose the products which they need to be followed by filling in the delivery address.

Once these details are filled and the order is placed all that they need to do is rest and wait for the speedy delivery of their miracle drug.

Stoney app is a reliable source for your desired Marijuana procurement and the delivery service is worth every single penny.

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