Symptoms of Being Too High

Top 8 Symptoms of Being Too High on Marijuana

Are you high now? Do you know what could be the Symptoms of Being Too High?
Who else does not like to get high, anyway?
For most people, there is nothing more exciting than chilling with good friends and having a lighted weed in hand.
However, do you know how far you can go while consuming cannabis?
Anything that exceeds the limit, turns out to be dangerous.
Similarly, consuming more amount of cannabis can make you go as high as being mad.
If you are a frequent smoker or you have through this situation, then you must know what I am talking about.
Being too high cannot be bad every time. The only person that decides whether something is bad for your health is not, is “YOU”.
And that is the reason we would like to tell you some of the common symptoms of being too high.
Now it will be easier for you to judge whether you are too high or not!!


One of the worst symptoms of being too high after smoking marijuana is Paranoia. And it is for sure that must have experienced Paranoia is you are a stoner.
This is the situation when you start having the fear of getting watched. You might feel that there are hidden CCTV cameras available everywhere and every other person is keeping an eye on you.
Every sound you hear gives birth to a new fear in your mind.
However, the truth is that nobody is watching or observing you. It is just a kind of hallucination.
Whenever you feel such activities, all you need to do is to just relax. Find a dark room, put on a blanket, and try to relax for some time. Everything will be fine.


Dizziness is one of the most common and one of the earliest symptoms of being too high.
Be it the disorientation, weakness, or dizziness, all come in the same category.
Do you know why dizziness happens?
So, dizziness is a situation that arises when your blood pressure drops suddenly. And after consuming cannabis, there is a sudden drop in blood pressure.
Has this ever happened to you when you sit for a long time and then when you suddenly stand, you feel dizzy?
The same thing could happen to you but this condition stays for a long and considerable time span after getting too high.

Short Term Memory

We do not know whether you have experienced other symptoms of being too high or not, but if you are a stoner, you must have experienced having a bad memory after getting high.
The most simple way to find the answer is, try figuring out what were you thinking 5 minutes ago after getting high.
If you are facing difficulties in recalling the memories, you are probably too high.
Moreover, it is not only challenging to recall memories while being high.
Even if the high wears off, you could still feel the same condition of having a “short term memory”.

Repeating Behaviors

Repeating certain activities, again and again, is one of the most common symptoms of getting too high after smoking cannabis.
And this repeating behavior condition arises due to having a bad memory, which is also one of the symptoms of being too high.
For example, you want to drink some water. You go for it. After some time, you think that you did not drink the water, even if you wanted to.
So, you go again and you drink some water.
And this is the time when you should know that you have gone too far.

Sweats or Chills

Unusual sweating is among other general symptoms of being too high. It does not matter whether the climate is hot or warm.
It does not even matter whether you are sitting under an Air Conditioner, the moment you start sweating without any reason after smoking weed, you should consider that you are being too high.
Moreover, this condition may also lead you to puke.
Having beads of sweat on your forehead?
Try to remain in a calm place, stop thinking about irrelevant things, get a pillow and a blanket. You might even need a puke bucket.

Having difficulties while Speaking

A wobbling tongue is known to be a common symptom of getting to high.
You might have experienced the situation when you got too high and you could not even speak.
Someone asks you something or tries to have a conversation with you.
You even hear them perfectly.
You have an answer to their question.
You try to speak, you try to let them know that you want to answer.
But somehow, your lips and tongue do not match with your vocal cords.
It seems that you need to put a lot of efforts in order to form sentences by combining them and then throwing them out of your mouth.
If all the above symptoms are happening to you after getting stoned, my friend, you are way too high.

The feeling of getting frozen

You smoked weed. You are chilling with your friends. Everything is going well.
And suddenly you start thinking something. After some time you realize that you went into deep thoughts for a long period of time.
And then you start experiencing that everything was frozen while you we’re diving deep into your thoughts.
Did these things ever happen to you after smoking CBD cigarettes?
If yes, then here comes one of the most experienced symptoms of getting too high.
It is the situation when you suddenly start thinking of something and when you are over, it seems that everything got frozen for a moment.

Irregular heartbeats

When you smoke weed, it directly affects that part of your brain which is responsible for regulating the heart rate.
So, the moment when you feel that you are being too high, it is very common to have an unusual heartbeat.
However, you do not need to panic in this situation.
Try to keep your mind calm, take deep breaths and everything will be fine in no time.

In a nutshell

So, these were some of the general symptoms of being too high that have been experienced in people after getting too high.
There are numerous other symptoms too, but these were the most common ones.
Have you ever experienced any of them after getting too high?
Or have you experienced something unique?
We would like to hear it from you. To share your experiences about Symptoms of being too High, feel free to comment below!!
Till then, grab a joint and enjoy.

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