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Top 9 Cannabis Dispensaries in California, USA


Are you a Cannabis lover? Are you a USA resident and want to know about top Cannabis Dispensaries in California?

If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that Cannabis has become a legitimate way back in the United States of America.

And recently, California has celebrated successful cannabis legalization on a recreational level.

Even though recreational dispensaries do not legally exist in California yet, but it is evident that a lot of recreational dispensaries are going to appear in the next few years.

Now, being a smoker is not enough if you are a regular cannabis consumer or even an occasional one. You need to know that from where you are going to get them whenever you need them.

And so, we are here to let you know about the top cannabis dispensaries in California that will provide you with one of the best and high-quality weeds in the world.

We want to tell you that these places are not a regular store.

These cannabis dispensaries in California are a destination for private lounges, astonishing architecture, acquainted staff, and other dispensary deals.

Get ready to witness highly designed and a new world of high-end cannabis culture.

1. CC101

CC101 Dispensary Being one of the leading clubs of Cannabis among others in Sacramento, California, CC101 was also voted as the best cannabis dispensary in California.

CC101 provides you with one of the most exquisite collections of the concentrates, edibles, and even flowers in the industry.

Want to get several varieties of cannabis products in California? It would be best if you headed towards CC101 right now for that.

Their products consist of vape pens, cartridges, Sativa, edibles, hybrid Cannabis, gears, and extracts.

2. Urbn Leaf

Urbn Leaf DispensaryNo matter which type of cannabis product you are looking for, once you head into Urbn Leaf, you will get almost whatever you were looking for.

Urbn Leaf has three exquisite branches in San Diego, California. And all of them are open for you whenever you want.

The best part about its locations is the exteriors. The architecture looks so appealing that an unknown person would consider them not more than a high-end coffee parlor.

No other dispensary can match the level of their product selection. Their products are known to be perfect for their consumers.

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3. Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine DispensaryCloud Nine is among one of the best dispensaries in California that is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible quality and excellence.

You will get such recreational cannabis products that seem to be out of this world, and that too at an affordable cost.

For Cloud Nine, customer satisfaction is at their priority. And this is the reason why they try to provide a wide range of options to their customers.

The products that they offer include 29 types of extracts, 23 types of edibles, five types of pre-roll, Sativa, Indica, hybrid, gears, and vape. Isn’t it enormous?

4. Medithrive

Medithrive DispensaryMedithrive is a revolutionary and innovative cannabis club that is located in the middle of San Francisco, California. They are serving people since 2009.

They believe that when their customers leave their place, they must leave with great vibes and a smile on their face.

And this is the reason for which they provide a massive range of high-quality products including concentrates, edibles, flowers, and a lot more.

We want to let you know that in 2010, Medithrive was awarded as the Best Cannabis Club in San Francisco.

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5. CHR – Los Angeles

CHR – Los Angeles DispensaryCalifornia Herbal Remedies is famously known as CHR, which started to serve people with high-quality Cannabis way back since 2007.

Since that time till now, CHR has won numerous glorifying awards, some of which were for Best Glass, Best Booth, and Best Concentrate.

CHR is situated at the heart of LA, California. CHR provides selected and lab-tested strains and ensures the best that its customers should gain the best possible experience while dealing with them.

6. CaptainJacks

CaptainJacks DispensaryCaptainJacks is located in Upland, California, and it is known to be the only dab and vape lounge that provides full services in the entire Inland Empire.

This place is uniquely different from the other casual cannabis dispensaries in California. It is not just a “buy and leave” kind of place.

CaptainJacks provides you with a vast theatre in an outdoor patio where you can chill and make new memories with your friends while enjoying the weed.

7. House of Organics

House of Organics Cannabis Dispensaries in CaliforniaHouse of Organics is a dispensary located in California that offers you some of the best organic as well as natural cannabis products.

All the products provided by House of Organics as pre-tested to make sure that their customer need not face any uncertainty and get the best possible quality of Cannabis.

Their wide range of products include edibles, vape pens, accessories, pre-packed Cannabis, and many more.

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8. Southwest Patient Group

Southwest Patient Group Top Cannabis Dispensaries in CaliforniaSouthwest Patient Group is known to be the most significant cannabis dispensary in San Diego, California. It is located over 7.4k sq—feet of floor space.

Southwest Patient Group always tries their best so that they can fulfil every requirement and expectations of their customers.

From providing their patients with informational tours to having professional and trained staff, they never give a moment of criticism to anyone.

In the past few times, Southwest Patient Group has genuinely proved to be a fierce competition for all the excellent cannabis dispensaries in California just by focusing on customer-oriented services.

9. Airfield Supply Co.

Airfield Supply Co Top 9 Cannabis Dispensaries in California, USAAirfield Supply Co. is located near the San Jose airport, which is one of the most convenient parts when you look for an easy pick-up.

So, that was for a better location. Let’s discuss the services and products they provide.

Airfield Supply Co. will prove out to be so comfortable for you that if you are a weed lover, this place will seem to be a playground for you.

It focuses more on the comfort of the customers and provides them with a wide range of high-quality cannabis products at a reasonable price.

How to get a loan to start your own Cannabis business?

Until cannabis banking reform passes, no major U.S. bank will loan money to fund a dispensary. But it is now possible to get a loan through a credit union or cannabis-specific bank. You can also consider Cannabis business loan providers like

In a nutshell

So that was all from our side. We have just brought enough for you.

These were some of the best and top-rated cannabis dispensaries in California.

We hope that from now on, you won’t get any difficulties while getting legal Cannabis in California.

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