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How To Lose Weight At Home Without Equipment


If you are searching for the best ways to lose weight at home without equipment than this post will definitely help you. In this post, I will share some simple exercise, choose any one or two out of them and do them regularly.

Don’t worry I will not tell you to buy any expensive equipment or gym material. you have to do these exercises regularly and you will see the result within one month.

Here are some great exercises that you can do to lose weight at home without equipment:

1. Walking

This is the simplest exercise in which everyone can do easily lose weight at home without equipment. If the weather is good then go outside, take a half an hour’s walk and enjoy the scenery around you while you exercise.

However, if the weather is not good then you can do this exercise at the home also. If you have a flight of stairs then you can go up and down them a few times. This will help you to lose weight and tone your legs.

Walking is an aerobic exercise where you burn calories by taking oxygen inside and releasing carbon dioxide outside, so it is completely safe. One more thing if the weather is not good and you don’t have stairs.

In this case, you can walk through your house. Well, it may not be an interesting way to do exercise but it will do the job.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

This is good for warming up your body and to lose weight at home without equipment. Do Jumping jacks in your fun time and you can add music to make them interesting.

Well, you will be surprised after knowing that jumping jack is a great cardio exercise. Do them only for 3 to 5 minutes and lose some calories.

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3. Pushups

This is the most common exercise. Do them regularly to lose weight at home without equipment. you can customize Pushups according to you. If you are doing Pushups the first time and finding difficult to do them.

In this case, you can do pushups on your knees instead of straight legs. And to make them more difficult you can stand along a wall.

Pushups help you to make your arm stronger and working out muscles in your chest area.

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4. Leg Lifts

 Leg Lifts

These are great for building up strength and muscles in your legs. Do them with pushups and your whole body will get toned. Start with 10 in one day and increase them according to your strength.

5. Jogging in a Place

One of the simple and best exercises for your complete body. It tones body from head to toe and this is a great exercise for your heart. It did not require expensive equipment.

It just requires a good pair of shoes and a small place in your house. Jog in a place in your home and make them more interesting by adding music or you can watch television also. Start with 3 minutes a day and then increase exercise time slowly.

6. Crunches


They are the best exercise for building up and strengthening abdominal muscles. You can do them easily at your home. They don’t require any equipment. Do crunches until you feel stretching of the muscles.

7. Dancing

I consider dancing as one of the best workouts you can do to lose weight at home without equipment. It tones your complete body from head to toe and it is also good for your heart. It helps you to decrease stress levels and fat from the complete body.

8. Light Weight Lifting


You don’t have to buy any equipment for this. Just pick some heavy objects from your house and start the exercise with them.

Start out with something lighter, such as a bottle filled with water, and work yourself up to heavier items like an LPG cylinder. You can use anything from your house which ave some weight or you can bring a heavy stone from outside.

These are some simple and effective exercises which you can do to lose weight at home without equipment. Try to do these exercises in combination like pushups and leg left one after another.

You don’t have to go to the gym and pay their fees. You can keep yourself fit and fine by doing these simple exercises.and if you like this post “how to lose weight at home without equipment” then share it with your friends.

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