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Losing weight is a major concern for people nowadays. After all, who would like to have a fat belly? Belly fat is the most difficult part of a person’s life and everyone wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Ayurveda offers some of the best home remedies, herbal products and natural ways to cut the belly fat and become fit. There are numerous natural ways and treatments by which a person can lose his/her weight easily.

According to Ayurveda, the weight of a person increases due to several reasons. Improper sleep, lack of physical exercise, unbalanced diet, oversleeping are some of the major issues that contribute towards bad health and fat belly. All these factors combine to result in the accumulation of fat or obesity, especially around the belly area. According to the Ayurveda expert Ram N Kumar from NirogStreet, “Any herb that increases metabolism, contributes in cutting belly fat”. Ayurveda focuses on the same to reduce weight.

Here are some of the herbal products in order to lose weight and excess fat-

1. Aloe Veraaloe vera

Aloe Vora is known to be the most used and most effective herbal product when it comes to weight loss. It helps in curing numerous issues also including the healing of cuts and wounds, skin fairness, and many more.

Uses of Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera helps in aid digestion. The digestion process plays an important in losing weight and Aloe Vera improves the same.
  • Metabolism is also boosted by the consumption of Aloe Vera.
  • Aloe Vera helps in detoxifying the body.
  • The carbohydrates in Aloe Vera help the cells to absorb the nutrients and thus by nourishing them, act as a detoxifying agent.

How to use Aloe Vera

  • You should consume Aloe Vera in a limited extent in order to prevent your body from any side effects.
  • You can consume it by heating some water, aloe vera and a little amount of lemon together in a pan.
  • Try to consult a doctor before consuming it to prevent any serious issue.

2. Green Teagreen tea

Black tea is the most popular tea consumed by people. However, the trend for green tea is also been increasing rapidly for the past few years. The reason behind this growth may be the potential of the green tea to help someone in losing his or her weight.

Uses of Green tea

  • The most important use of green tea is that it helps in weight loss. The metabolic rate is increased by the consumption of green tea due to the presence of caffeine and flavonoids present in green tea.
  • Green tea also has other health benefits. It helps you to remain fit and healthy and it balances your diet-related problems.

How to use Green tea

  • You can consume green tea by boiling it in water and drinking it by brewing it for 10 minutes.
  • Consumption of two and a half cup of green tea per day is enough for better results.

3. Sesaminsesamin

Sesamin is obtained from sesame seeds and is very helpful when it comes to weight loss. It increases the burning of fat and decreases the accumulation of fat in the body.

Uses of Sesamin

  • It provides numerous superior health-related benefits
  • Increasing fat loss is also one of these benefits
  • Sesamin acts as a high antioxidant

How to use Sesamin

  • You should consume sesamin by adding its seeds in your daily meals
  • You can add it into vegetables, salads, or anything else

4. Chromium

Chromium is a mineral that is very beneficial in providing better results for a human being when it comes to weight loss. Lack of chromium in your diet may accumulate excess fat in your body and could increase your weight.

Uses of Chromium

  • Taking the right amount of chromium in your food may improve your diet and it also stops your body to feel hungry
  • The level of insulin is also affected in our body that breaks the glucose and balances the fat in our body

How to take Chromium

  • You should consume the foods that are rich in chromium
  • The food that contains milk may help in the same
  • Taking a proper and balanced diet may also help

5. Methi (Fenugreek)methi

If you are a methi consumer, you must know that there are numerous health-related benefits of consuming methi. It helps a person in losing his or her weight.

Uses of methi

  • The major benefit of consuming methi is that it supports digestion and improves digestion related problem.
  • It does not keep you hungry and curbs your cravings.

How to consume methi

  • You can warm the seeds of methi and consume it accordingly
  • You can also consume methi by making bread (roti) and eat it
  • Drinking methi tea could also help in losing weight

6. Triphalatri phala

Some people might not have heard of Triphala but it is used as a healing remedy for more than 1000 years. Longevity is also promoted by Triphala.

Uses of Triphala

  • It consists of numerous medicinal herbs that may help in losing weight more effectively
  • There are anti-inflammatory properties present in Triphala that helps in curing numerous diseases and stops the fats to accumulate in the body
  • Triphala works especially in the belly area when it comes to weight loss

How to use Triphala

  • You can take in numerous forms including powder, capsule or liquid
  • You can mix Triphala powders with water and honey and should consume it before your meals

7. Dalchini (Cinnamon)dalchini

Along with improving your health-related issues, cinnamon also helps in reducing the weight of a person. It burns the unwanted weight in the body of a human being.

Uses of cinnamon

  • By consuming cinnamon, the metabolism of body increases and thus the fat burning process also increases.
  • The sugar level of a body is also balanced by the consumption of cinnamon.

How to use cinnamon

  • You can consume cinnamon by adding it to your meals
  • Drinking cinnamon tea also helps in reducing the weight

In a nutshell

We have provided you with numerous herbal products that will help you to lose your weight and they will reform you into a fit and healthy person. All you need to do is select the right one for you and be strict about your routine.

We recommend you to consult a doctor before consuming anything in order to avoid side effects.

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