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Sleep Deprivation Cures: This is how to end sleep deprivation and Sleep better


Our generation is that of the insomniacs!

We are best defined by the habits of toiling hard to sleep at night as we find ourselves in different stages of anxiety and finding it extremely hard to get up on time the next morning.

We have become accustomed to this lifestyle and the side effects of this complacency are only sinister. To solve this particular problem we bring you the easiest sleep deprivation cures.

When the body does not get enough sleep then the repercussions take the better of us both mentally and physically!

Hence it makes much sense to set your sleeping cycle in order and no one else but you have to help it.

If we could just sleep when our mothers shout out, “sleep, it is late” life would have been easier.

But now with these sleep deprivation cures, you wouldn’t have to spend your nights restlessly waiting for a miracle to sing you a lullaby and take you to sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Effects on Brain Function and Behavior [Details & Insights]


No love is truer than our love for sleep but is we perfectly staunch towards this love?

Despite this exquisite love for sleep do we sleep enough and more importantly do we sleep at the right time?

We are a generation of insomniacs and trust us when we tell you that this insomnia is bound to have serious repercussions on our mental and physical health. Sleep deprivation affects the brain and our behavior are rather alarming.

Sleeplessness or insomnia as our generation knows it better is metaphorical to termite that gradually makes a dead corpse out of wood and makes it hollow every second.

So today we bring you the side effects or rather the major health effects which disturbed sleeping cycles inflict on the human body.

This is how sleep deprivation takes a toll on our health

Effects on the nervous system


Sleep deprivation effects on the brain are something we have always neglected and these effects have been the most damaging.

Our nervous system plays a highly vital role in the manner our body functions and coordinates.

The nervous system is like the CPU of the human body and when the body doesn’t get enough sleep.

Chronic insomnia disrupts the coordination of information in the body in a severe manner. Interestingly while we are asleep our nervous system functions the best.

While we sleep in peacekeeping all our worries away the nervous system forms pathways between neurons or nerve cells which make sure that we remember new information we learned for long.

Medical research corroborates the fact that sleeping for less than 6 to 8 hours at night makes us more vulnerable to early death escalating the risk by 12%. We don’t want to die early for sure and hence we would improve our sleeping habits from today itself!

We don’t want to die early for sure and hence we would improve our sleeping habits from today itself!

Sleep deprivation inflicts certain manias which further push us towards depression and its forms.

This state of depression further molds into:

  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Other psychological risks

We find ourselves in a state of helplessness because once we get accustomed to this insomnia causes a cluster of negative thoughts in our mind and this reflects in our behavior and we gradually push ourselves towards a state of isolation.

Anyone who is insomniac faces a magnitude of this depression already. This insomnia also hampers the creativity and decision making ability of our brain and how can we even think of compromising on this?

The state of microsleep is another severe repercussion that it has on our mental health. The microsleeps which we witness during the day several times and become extremely dangerous while we are driving.

So to conclude the sleep deprivation effects on the brain are manifold and these replicate further on our physical health as well as our emotional state.

Hence we must make our routines and body to suit the minimum requirement of sleeping hours to save ourselves from sinister depressions and being a perplexed identity.

Here are the easiest sleep deprivation cures that you urgently need!

These will help you sleep better. You must learn these to make sure that you don’t fall a scapegoat to depression and other health ailments.

Watch your diets near the bed Time

Heavy meals just before going to the bed are bound to interfere with your sleep.

On the other side, light snacks might prove to be sleep-inducing. Hence you should avoid proteins near bedtimes and rather go for carbohydrates or dairy products.

Milk contains amino acids which have research-based evidence of making people sleep better.

Say no to noise and bright lights! 

The commotion of even the slightest magnitude and the bright lights has huge impacts on your sleep as they disrupt the quality of your sleep.

Hence one very important sleep deprivation cure is that you must minimize the noise and light in the room to help you sleep better.

Caffeine Control is a must!

Caffeine is present in good amounts of tea and coffee or even a few other sources for that matter.

Although we love our coffee and tea then one must take note of the fact that these are stimulants and are very effective to keep one awake.

So if you have caffeine in any form just before you plan to sleep your sleep is bound to be intervened by the caffeine present in it.

Hence you must not consume caffeine at least 4 to 6 hours before you plan to go to sleep.

You might not like compromising here but to have a healthy sleep you should and you must!

Confront your social media anxiety

You either have work the next morning or perhaps college and it makes no sense to be glued to your phone’s screen for hours whiling away time on social media.

This social media anxiety is a bigger evil than you ever thought of it for it would make you used to sleepless nights.

Hence you must challenge this anxiety by having strong willpower or just simply keep your phone far from you when you go to sleep.

Just put it away somewhere far and turn the silent mode on! The bed is meant to sleep so just sleep!

Don’t exercise near bedtime

If you are one of those exercises and work out fanatics then you must learn that exercising at night sets the sleeping cycle well out of order.

You should rather exercise in the morning or the afternoon but not near bedtime for this would steal your zeal to sleep!

I hope these solutions will be able to help you to sleep well at night….

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