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Men Who Vape: The Good, The Bad (and the ugly!)


As cigarette rolling papers are common in the U.S., it is alarming for policymakers as smoking stands as the biggest reason for preventable deaths in the US. The number is astonishing as around 480,000 people die because of smoking. E-cigarettes enhance the risk of smoking as most young people who are trying e-cigarettes are likely to give up smoking.

Men using vapers have reported being content. However, studies are cautioning against vaping because of its potential harm. There are mixed reviews everywhere.

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To help you get a comprehensive guide on vaping including the good, the bad, and the ugly, we’ve designed this guide.

The Good

Better chances of quitting smoking

In a recent study, it has been found out that people who used e-cigarettes for cessation were able to quit smoking for almost two years. This finding was of substantial value when compared with people who were not using e-cigarettes.

The findings were highly consistent as in another national study conducted on quit smoking a sample of 5000 adults was taken.

From the sample, around 337 people were reported to quit smoking fully, whereas another 778 people from the sample reported that they had significantly reduced their smoking.  Around 15% of the quitters told that they were able to quit smoking with the use of e-cigarettes.

Maintain a clean environment

One of the best things about vaping is that it’s not bad for your environment at all. Unlike smoking, vaping does not have an unpleasant smell.

The user and those in the proximity of second-hand exposure will only enjoy the pleasant aroma of the flavors in the device. You get the aroma of the most exciting flavors. There’s no smoke from burnt tobacco leaves.

The pleasant aroma will surely get you compliments from those surrounding you unlike complaints about unpleasant smoke. Plus, since you’re not burning tobacco leaves, you’re keeping your environment and lighting up the mood of everyone around you. This is what makes vaping good for use.

Smoking is considered unattractive

As young college students can find better options with vaping, they do not find smoking any more attractive. Multiple flavors at offer allow these young adults to enjoy vaping. As vaping is becoming more popular, the prevalence of smoking is decreasing significantly and the trend is expected to continue similarly.

The Bad

Harmful for the lung

There are not many studies with findings against the use of e-cigarettes. However, several thousands of cases have been reported for lung injury caused by prolonged use of e-cigarettes.

Unfortunately, instances of death have also been reported. However, the studies caution more research on the specific cause of death of those who have lung injuries with prolonged use of e-cigarettes.

Harmful for teenagers

Another problem with e-cigarettes is that it is being marketed heavily to teenagers. Moreover, the absence of any regulation to prevent tobacco companies from mass marketing e-cigarettes to teenagers and young people also enhances the problem.

Teenagers and young people who are smokers may misunderstand the use of e-cigarettes. Hence, with regulation being absent currently, the risks for e-cigarettes are high for teenager use. It is, however; important to point out that e-cigarette is not itself harmful to its user.

Cannabis abuse

In addition to the above, incidents of lung injury and death mostly involve cannabis abuse with vapers in dangerous amounts. With many states allowing Cannabis use with vapers, the risk of vaper use is doubled. It is by no means arguable that cannabis consumed in large quantities could be life-threatening for the user. However, the blame is being shared as Cannabis is being used in conjunction with vapers by most users.

Potential dangers of vapor use

The liquid contained in the vapor is reported to be dangerous for the skin. People shouldn’t be swallowing it. Absorbing the liquid or drinking, or allowing it to pass through the eyes by accident could be extremely harmful to the user. Plus, risks related to secondhand exposure are also cautioned by some studies.

In addition to this, it has also been found out that vapers contain toxic contaminants that could be seriously harmful to the lungs of the user. However, there are not many longitudinal studies reporting specifically on serious damages caused to the lungs due to prolonged use of e-cigarettes.

The Ugly!

Even though e-cigarettes have proven to function as effective cessation devices, their use may not be affordable for a large proportion of the population.

Studies show that people who belong to vulnerable groups especially those characterized by mental illnesses, and addiction disorders are often poverty-stricken. Affordability is often an issue for them. Smoking alternatives for nicotine are not cheaply available.

Therefore, it is essential to infer that people who are economically challenged may find it hard to switch to a nicotine substitute or pay for an expensive but effective nicotine therapy.

Plus, given the fact that nicotine therapy is for five years, it makes it all the more exasperating for those who could hardly afford alternatives. This is exactly what makes vaping or other alternatives ugly for various groups of smokers.

Intent of use

The problem with e-cigarettes in the US is that these are not perceived as effective cessation devices. On the other hand, in the UK, e-cigarettes are specifically used for smoking cessation purposes.

Hence, comparatively, the UK reports fewer lung-related problems from e-cigarettes than in the US. The issue is evident in the intent for use.

Stigma of nicotine

What’s ugly about e-cigarettes is the word ‘nicotine’. Nicotine itself is not ugly. Most people fail to distinguish nicotine from smoking. It is essential to know that nicotine is a relaxing stimulant. On the other hand, smoking is a perilous delivery mechanism for nicotine. Nicotine itself is not life-threatening. Therefore, most people having the nicotine stigma believe that e-cigarettes are harmful However, this is not completely true. The delivery mechanism for nicotine into the body must be questioned if health consequences are to be ascertained.

Inconsistent quality being supplied into the market

What makes e-cigarettes ugly again is not that they are harmful but because it is a lucrative market that is growing rapidly. Large tobacco companies have pumped billions of dollars in mass marketing endeavors to attract young adults to buy e-cigarettes.

Moreover, many producers are supplying substandard quality in the market. Since quality is not being regulated and the primary purpose of e-cigarettes to work as a cessation device is overlooked, poor quality supply has affected perceptions about its use adversely.


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